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October 27 2015

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Sugar wax recipe by Xteener

Sugar wax recipe | Homemade Version

Here is a easy way of making your legs look shiny. Most of us girls like to show off our sexy bodies in the summer at the beach. Therefore This recipe will come in handy as a quick fix. first of all make sure you get all the ingredients needed, This homemade sugar wax recipe is definitely going to help you to wax any part of your body, 

lets get some brown sugar ( 1 cup )

some fresh lemon slices ( 2 slices )

a bowl

a stirrer

That's it, lets get started

heat up the pan with mid fire level and add the sugar into the pan, after some lemon juice and start stirring gently. this will take about ten to fifteen minutes. you will see the bubble's rising and the sugar will be like a caramel paste with a little bit of thickness ( make sure not to make it watery ) 

Afterwards get the wax into a clean bowl and and let it cool down a bit , use a wooden spatula for waxing and few wax strips. 

That was it, simple as that, remember you can always go to a salon if you don't feel like doing this or you don't want to take a risk. but I would highly recommend to to give it a try since it is hundred percent natural and inexpensive .

October 14 2015



Hello All, I am glad to introduce my Soup about waxing and hair removal. Looking forward to provide some great tips on waxing all the parts of your body using various different methods. stay tuned
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